ULTIMATE CHEM (INDIA) PVT. LTD, is a private limited company, managed by progressive, young, dynamic and foresighted management, sophisticated infrastructure and stewardship visionary MR. UMESH KANAKIA, who is managing director of the company ULTIMATE enjoys leadership in the field of SUPPLY & MARKETING OF ORGANIC & INORGANIC CHEMICALS, ALPHETIC & AROMATIC SOLVENT, INTERMEDIATES, BULK DRUGS, DYES & CHEMICALS, ACRYLATES, POLYMERS & MONOMERS.

UCIPL realize that its company's future lie in providing consistent and superior quality product to customer and taking into consideration the current market trend & customer requirement. Our art of modern sophistication infrastructure enables us to upgrade & customize our product and give quality service every time and thus bonding our customer. Our efficiency in supply chain has to helped us to achieve BEST PERFOMANCE award from ICI ACRYLICS, UK in the year 2000 for highest selling of Methyl Mehta Acrylate monomer in India.